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SPEEDi Replacement Backing Plate

The Speedi is an E-Bike speed limit increaser. Designed, tested and manufactured in New Zealand, our Speedi uses a mechanical planetary gear system to increase your standard e-bike speed limit by 1.5.
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This is a Speedi replacement backing plate only. Please choose the part number you need from the drop down below.

You can find this part number on your original order confirmation email under the "SKU".

For the replacement backing plate, use the set of numbers after the first and second dash. Eg 57T-M3

If you have an additional number in brackets at the end of the SKU, please also include that. Eg 57T-M3(MT410)

If you can't find your SKU number or are still not 100% sure, please contact us here and we'd be happy to look it up for you.

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