Shipping Info

Save on International Shipping costs:

To cut down on the cost of shipping, we recommend teaming up with a buddy and buying multiple products in one order. You can combine 8 SPEEDi's in one order before the price of shipping increases, so you will save a ton.

It might be tempting to purchase just one SPEEDi so your mates can marvel at your new best-time on the descents. But, they're going to find out eventually. And when they all order their own SPEEDi's so they can catch up to you, you'll wish you had just purchased them at the same time and saved some money.

EU/UK Customers

If you are in the EU or UK, visit our stockist Two Wheels Empire. They are based in the EU so the shipping rates to EU and UK are better. They don't have our full range but are continually restocking so flick them a message if you want more options!

Delays due to Covid

Please note that because of COVID-19 there are some delays with shipping globally. Your shipping may take longer than the estimated delivery target. 

Why is shipping so expensive?

We manufacture and ship our products from New Zealand. As awesome as this place is, it's pretty small and far away from anywhere! Which means shipping prices are just more expensive.

We've haggled the best prices with our shipping carriers and have kept the prices as low as we possibly can, while providing the best service.

Why DHL?

For international orders we currently exclusively use DHL Express Courier. We've tried a variety of different international shipping carriers that were slightly cheaper, but these came with huge delays. DHL is extremely reliable, great internationally and really fast compared to others. 

Why don't you ship to my country?

We ship to most countries but if yours is missing, please contact us and we'll see if it's possible.

Right now we don't ship to France because of very strict e-bike tuning laws.

Please read our full Terms and Conditions for customs, warranty, returns and exchange info. Please contact us if you have any questions.