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SPEEDi for Trek

The Speedi is an E-Bike speed limit increaser. Designed, tested and manufactured in New Zealand, our Speedi uses a mechanical planetary gear system to increase your standard e-bike speed limit by 1.5.
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SPEEDi E-Bike Limit Speed Increaser for Trek
SPEEDi E-Bike Limit Speed Increaser for Trek

Please select your bike below.

Please note that the SPEEDi is very specific to the chosen Bike, Hub and Disc setup. Please don't assume that because your bike is similar it will fit, as it likely won't. If you're not 100% sure, please contact us.

If your bike isn't listed below, fill out a SPEEDi request form here.


2021 / 2022 Rail 5, Rail 9.5, Powerfly 4 / FS4

The end cap on the stock hub for the bikes above varies in diameter. If you wish to have a unit made for one of these bikes, you need to be able to accurately measure this diameter so we can manufacture you a custom unit. Please contact us directly to get one made.

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