SPEEDi 6 Bolt Press Fit Install Instructions

Please watch and read the following instructions very carefully. The SPEEDi is relatively simple to install, but there are a few factors that are important to get precise. If you rush through this, you may install incorrectly or even break the SPEEDi.

There are also some FAQs at the bottom of the page that will help troubleshoot any issues.


  • Backing plate
  • Cover
  • Magnet
  • Bolts x6


  1. Remove rear wheel.
  2. Clean disc and end cap from all contamination.
  3. Remove 6x disc bolts and set aside.
  4. Place Backing Plate on top of disc and hub then install 6x new Bolts to 5-6nm.
    (if your bike uses the Shimano black aluminium disc with 3x bolt anti-rotate shims, re-install these shims)
  5. Place Magnet inside ring gear and engage teeth.
  6. Take your time during the final install, make sure everything is very clean for a long and prosperous life.
  7. For silent operation we aim to leave a .1mm gap between the Cover and the Backing Plate.
    1. Gently press Cover onto the end cap with thumb pressure only (do not hit it with any tool), pressing as close to the centre as possible, nice and square, rotating as you go.
    2. As the Cover engages the last 2mm, the teeth need to line up so you will need to rotate the Cover slightly to allow easy engagement. Using a socket that fits over the axle and gently pressing it with your palm is a good way to install easily, be careful not to press it on too hard though.
    3. Continue to press the Cover closer until you see a very small gap of around .1mm between the Backing Plate and Cover. You can test how close it is by pushing the outer edge of the Cover toward the Backing Plate and seeing how much it moves.
  8. Rotate the axle to make sure it spins freely and perfectly straight. Try pressing the hub end cap toward the hub and rotating, listening for excessive noise, as the wheel bearings may have play in them that can affect the offset when the axle is done up tight.
  9. There may be some slight plastic on plastic noise as the sealing faces gently touch each other, make sure this noise is not excessive, if anything sounds or feels off, pry it off slightly (see uninstallation below) and re-install.
  10. Install wheel gently, careful not to impact the unit.
  11. Please note that for the first 5 minutes of use the unit may make some groovy noise, this is normal and will run smooth and silently after its initial bedding in. If it continues to make excess noise, try uninstalling (see below) and reinstalling following Step 7 closely.


  • Uninstallation is done by gently prying the complete unit off the hub from the back of the Backing Plate using the three notches.
  • IMPORTANT: Make sure to take the complete unit off as one. Trying to pry just the Cover off may cause it to break.  

Reminder: To avoid any warranty issues, if you need to take your bike into the shop for any reason we recommend removing the unit and reinstalling the factory magnet. 

Frequently Asked Questions

My unit is making a lot of noise. What should I do?
To make it silent, take your time to read the installation instructions thoroughly as it has simply been pushed on too hard, causing too much friction between the cover and backing plate, we aim for a very slight gap between the components.
Please note that it's normal to have a little bit of noise in the beginning while things bed in. This will go away after the first ride.
Do not add any lubricant to lessen the noise. Lubricant will just gunk it up and attract contaminants.
Do I need to add lubricant?
We highly recommend not applying any form of lubricant on the unit, as the Acetal plastic is self lubricating, any lubricant will just gunk it up and attract contaminants.
What do I need to do for long term care?

The SPEEDi is made from Acetal plastic which is self lubricating, which means you don't need to add any lubricants (see above)

Generally, there is no need to clean the SPEEDi. When installed correctly, the tight seal tolerances keep out most dirt and water - there may be some very fine particles that get in, but these shouldn't affect performance. There's no harm in opening it up once in a while to make sure it's looking good and clean it up, but it's not required.
I think I ordered the wrong size
Please reach out to us here.

Got another question? Contact us here and we'll help you out.