SPEEDi for Scott

The SPEEDi is an e-bike speed limit increaser. Designed, tested and manufactered in New Zealand, our SPEEDi uses a mechanical planetary gear system to increase your standard e-bile speed limit by 1.5

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Please note that the SPEEDi is very specific to the chosen Bike, Hub and Disc setup. Please don't assume that because your bike is similar it will fit, as it likely won't. If you're not 100% sure, please contact us.

If your bike isn't listed below, fill out a SPEEDi request form here.

These products are currently on backorder and will be shipped around July 18th.

Bike: 2020 Genius

2020 Genius
2020 Genius
2021 Genius
2021 Strike
2022 Patron
2023 Solace
2022 Ransom

Hub: Shimano MT400 CL

Shimano MT400 CL
Shimano MT400 CL
Syncros / Formula CL-148S
Shimano MT410 CL
Syncros Revelstoke-E 1.5 CL
Stock Syncros or Zip ZR1

Disc: Any Center-Lock

Any Center-Lock
Any Center-Lock
$170.00 NZD