What is it?

Designed, manufactured and tested in New Zealand, the SPEEDi is an e-bike speed limit increaser that increases your standard e-bike speed by a factor of 1.5, without interfering with any electronics!

Meaning all the factory temperature, battery output, torque output and power output sensors remain factory so that the ECM can control everything as per manufacturer's specifications.

How does it work?

E-bikes ECM’s calculate the speed by wheel circumference times RPM. They do this by using a small magnet mounted anywhere on the rear wheel to pass by a speed sensor mounted on the rear frame. Therefore if you slow down the RPM of the magnet, the ECM simply see’s the pulse from the speed sensor, calculates your speed accordingly and knows no different.

SPEEDi uses a mechanical planetary gear system to slow down the magnet by a factor of 1.5/1 meaning, for every 1 rotation of the magnet, the wheel has gone 1.5 rotations, therefore if your standard speed is 30kmph, it will now achieve 45kmph.


How fast will this make my e-bike?

The SPEEDi increases your standard e-bike speed limit by a factor of 1.5. So if your speed limit is 30kph it will now achieve 45kph. More than enough to smoke your mates.

My bike is similar to one listed on your site, will the SPEEDi fit my bike?

The SPEEDi is very specific to the chosen Bike, Hub and Disc setup. Please don't assume that because your bike is similar it will fit, as it likely won't. If you're not 100% sure, please contact us and we can tell you if it will fit or not.

Can I still track my speed and mileage accurately?

No. Because your bike is being tricked into thinking it's going slower, your odometer and speedo will be out by 1.5x

What is it made out of?

The main unit is made from Acetyl Plastic which is a plastic used for precision engineering. It has high stiffness, low friction and excellent dimensional stability. It’s perfect for the SPEEDi’s as it’s lightweight, really strong and non-magnetic. It also can be press-fit without scratching your bike. It also has excellent wear properties in both wet and dry environments.

The gear is made from 6061 T6 Aluminium. It’s lightweight, strong and hard wearing. Being the smallest gear in the component, it does the most amount of work, so this requires a harder material.

The bolts are custom made Stainless Steel, chosen for its non magnetic properties and corrosion resistance.

Does it make a lot of noise?

With correct installation, the SPEEDi should run almost silently.

To make it silent, take your time to read the installation instructions thoroughly as if you push it on too hard, you will get some noise caused by friction between the cover and backing plate, we aim for a very slight gap between the components.

Please note that it's normal to have a little bit of noise in the beginning while things bed in. This will go away after the first ride.

Do not add any lubricant to lessen noise. Lubricants will just gunk it up and attract contaminants.

Is it compatible with hub motors?

We don’t have anything compatible with hub motors right now. Though, we may have something for you in the future, so please fill out the form here and we’ll be able to contact you if we design a SPEEDi for your bike.

My bike isn't listed on your website, what should I do?

Currently, the only bikes that are compatible with the SPEEDi are listed on our website here. Anything else is considered not compatible. The SPEEDi's listed on our website have been tried and tested and we are confident they are perfect.

There are thousands of electric bikes all over the world so it's impossible to get access to every bike to measure, design, fit and test SPEEDis. There's much more to creating a perfect SPEEDi than just knowing the bike, there's a lot that goes into it, and it takes some time and testing to get it just right.

BUT, we're constantly designing and testing for new bikes, so there's a chance your bike may be added to the site soon.

If you are wanting to request a bike that isn't listed on the website, please fill out the form here and we'll add it to our list of bikes to look into in the future. Then, we can email you if/when the SPEEDi is available for your bike.

If you have something really similar to what is listed on the site, but not exactly the same (eg a 2020 model instead of a 2021 model), please contact us with as much detail as possible and we’ll be able to tell you if it will work or not.

Is this product legal?

It’s your responsibility to check regulations in your own country/state. For example, it could be possible that in your area it’s illegal to use these on public roads, but each country has different laws regarding e-bike speeds, so it’s your responsibility to research and follow these laws.

Will this damage my motor?

Bike manufactures have sensors in place to safe guard all internal components, SPEEDi does not alter or change these in any way so all factory limits are still in place.

These bikes are designed and tested to withstand the harshest of abuse the public can throw at them, having a speed limit is simply there to comply with each country’s rules and regulations (which are all different) therefore it has no effect on the bikes actual ability to be able to reach higher speeds without affecting its durability.

How long will it last?

As with anything mechanical, you can expect the SPEEDi to wear out over time from use.

We’ve made it out of self-lubricating Acetyl Plastic and Aluminium which are the best materials to give it the longest life possible in the conditions it’s exposed to (e.g. dirt and water).

After 1000ks the SPEEDi shows minimal wear, but as with anything mechanical, as the unit is used more the wear will increase exponentially.

At this stage we estimate the lifespan to be somewhere in the 5000km range, though we haven’t been able to test it up to this distance yet, and it really depends on the conditions you’re riding in.

Should I add lubricant?

We’ve made it out of self-lubricating Acetyl Plastic and Aluminium which are the best materials to give it the longest life possible in the conditions it’s exposed to (e.g. dirt and water).

Will this work on a centerlock disc?

Yes! We have a centerlock compatible version of the SPEEDi for select bikes, and are always testing more. If your model isn't listed, please contact us.

Will the SPEEDi void my bike's warranty?

E-bike manufacturers are well aware of speed manipulators and some use tampering software to detect the use of such devices. If the device is detected by your manufacturer, you run the risk of voiding your e-bike warranty. It is up to the sole discretion of your local bike shop and bike manufacturer to assess each claim.

Because our SPEEDi’s are mechanical (instead of electronic dongles) they can’t easily be detected. As long as you take the SPEEDi off and install the factory magnet before you bring your bike into the shop, it shouldn’t be detected, thus it shouldn’t void your warranty.

We can’t guarantee that the bike manufacturers don’t bring out some super intelligent software that can detect them in the future, though, and by using any speed increaser you run the risk of voiding your warranty.

Is it hard to install/remove?

Nope! We’ve designed the SPEEDi to be as easy to install (and remove) as possible.

We'll send the installation instructions with your purchase (you can check them out here!) and if you need any help, we’re happy to assist. It's important to follow the instructions provided, so make sure you don't just try to wing it, as you might break the SPEEDi.

All you'll need is a TorxT25 and two working hands.

I’ve seen similar products that go 3x the speed, why is the SPEEDi only 1.5x?

I designed it around the 1.5/1 ratio as opposed to the 3/1 ratio for better strength and alignment. With the ring gear being so large, mounting it against the disc maintains its strength and alignment. Then having the sun gear mount to the end cap means it is strong and perfectly concentric.

Basically it's stronger, easier to install and uninstall and most importantly, I rarely hit my e-bike speed limit anymore, 1.5x is more than enough.

How does it handle mud, water etc?

Well! When installed correctly, the tight seal tolerances keep out most dirt and water - there may be some very fine particles that get in, but this shouldn't affect performance.

What do I need to do for long term care?

Generally, there is no need to clean the SPEEDi. When installed correctly, the tight seal tolerances keep out most dirt and water - there may be some very fine particles that get in, but these shouldn't affect performance. There's no harm in opening it up once in a while to make sure it's looking good and clean it up, but it's not required.

The SPEEDi is made from Acetal Plastic which is self lubricating, which means you don't need to add any lubricants.

Will this work for spoke mounted magnets?

The SPEEDi requires the magnet to be on the disc bolts. If your magnet is on your wheel/spoke, then the SPEEDi will not work with your bike.

Why is the SPEEDi better?

I was 1 click away from purchasing a similar unit online until I researched them closely and found them to be expensive, flimsy, noisy, and manufactured using 3D printing. These components have extremely small and precise features that are near impossible to achieve via 3D printing, so I thought, “I can make one better”. Definitely not a walk in the park, researching, developing, finding the limits and perfecting the finish.

As opposed to electronic dongles, the SPEEDi is a fit and forget mechanical device, which doesn't change any factory settings or limits, installed with simple bike tools you probably already have.

Electronic dongles require a more in depth installation, sometimes including removing cranks with the purchase of special tools. They can include lots of pressing of buttons to activate and change settings, and if you don't do it correctly you risk throwing ECM trouble codes.

I don't know about you, but I like to just get on my bike and ride!

What's the point?

I personally have mine for safety reasons. When I first rode my bike and hit the abrupt speed limit I was shocked at how dangerous that would be while riding into a decent sized jump line, the consequences of coming up short made me question riding the bike.

Now I have assistance all the way until I run out of gears and pedal cadence, I never worry about hitting a brick wall whenever I ride, it’s perfect.

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Rider Reviews

"I purchased my Speedi from Neale in December 2020 and installed it on my 2020 Turbo Levo. Amazing the extra speed it gave and has caused absolutely no problems with the bike, it just goes like the wind! Great design and manufacture, had no problems with dust or water, easy to install and maintenance free. Would highly recommend this product instead of mucking with the bike’s computer, so simple and reasonably priced. Of course, I don’t want my mates to get one though!"


"Let me just say I LOVE IT! I'm no speed demon and typically only ride in trail mode 95% of the time, but I hated the way my Kenevo would drop its assistance while building speed to clear a jump etc. Now I can just keep pedaling without feeling the power drop off. I love the concept and idea of the Speedi. Nice and simple, clean, no real modifications required."


"The SPEEDi arrived in under 72 hours (amazing!), installed just like the video, has a tight-ish clearance (see pic) and works a dream!!! I only have positives. Works like a charm, reliably, consistently, just as described. I’ve done somewhat over 500km so far, some pretty bumpy roads too. Thank you for your support and encouragement; also for your very neat concept and design, just great. Thanks again."


"Hey Neale, I put the speedi on this weekend, no problems! It went on just like your video and now my Levo rips! Great product! Thanks!"


"Just wanted to drop u a note on my pleasure with this device. It’s fabulous! With the two different face plates/covers, I can use it on all three wheel sets. The guys at the Trek store were mightily impressed as well. Anyway thanks, the thing works exceedingly well. You can bet I’ll be talking it up!"


"Hi Neale, My parcel arrived yesterday afternoon....thank you so much...it works like a charm."


"Just some feedback. Product is fantastic. Ordering the product is simple, and provides confidants you are purchasing the correct item. Dispatch and tracking also first class. Thank you for a great experience."


"I fitted my Speedi this morning and I have to say what an amazing bit of kit you’ve made. Absolute top drawer."


"Hello Neale! I am very pleased with your product. Both SPEEDi's work great. Today I had excellent conditions for testing the descent from Mount Mangrt. I will also recommend your product to my friends. Greetings from Slovenia."